9/19/2012 – Cabos

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The second day in Cabos started with a sales presentation, which was a big mistake on our part and a waste of 3 hours of time that could have been spent at the pool. Vicki and Ellen did get a $300 credit for a spa treatment and David and Larry got two bottles of marginal tequela! The rest of the day was spent around the pool with a lot of exotic drinks (not much liquor in the mix) and food. The day was capped off by a nice dinner at the Bistro in the main resort building.

Our plans for Thursday include a visit to the PB Rose resort, which is located more in the center of Cabos and within walking distance to shopping.

After working with importing photos into this blog I have decided that it would be easier to simply upload them into SmugMug for viewing. So, simply go to http://ljl.smugmug.com and you will be able to see all the photos that we have taken during the trip


ON THE WAY – IN THE AIR – Sept 18, 2012

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We left SA on time on a US Air regional jet and at the last minute upgraded to First Class. The upgrade was an economical decision as we did not have to pay for checked bags, so the additional cost was minimal. Another benefit of the upgrade were the Bloody Mary's for Vicki, Ellen and David; both before and during the flight! Notice that Larry's name was not included in this infamous list. Notice below that David is simi-working by reading the WSJ, while Ellen and Vicki are taking a nap! Larry is also simi-working as he read the WSJ on the IPad and is doing this Blog


Cabos trip-9/18-9/25 Still in San Antonio

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Making arrangements to leave tomorrow for Cabos. Whitney suggested that we do a Blog, so here goes! Please excuse the amateur nature of my post, but I should get better.Already have a conflict! Ellen and I discussed leaving at 6:00-6:30 to make an 8:30 flight and Vicki has requested more sleep time!! Compromised at 6:00 AM.This is our first trip out of the country since retirement and we hope it is a warmup for many more to come. Need to get more friends retired to increase the travel entourage!


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