Baltic Cruise 2017 Plans

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This is the first Blog about our planned. Baltic Cruise during the summer of 2017. Traveling with us on the Cruise are:

  • Randy & Cathy Lanie from Manchester, Oklahoma
  • Johnny & Cathy Francis from Anthony, Kansas
  • Jack & Debbie Crissup from Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Larry & Dianna Coker from San Antonio, Texas
  • David and Ellen buck from San Antonio, Texas

We are excited about our 11 day cruise on the Regal Princess that begins and ends in Copenhagen.  We will visit Berlin, Tallinn, St Petersburg, Oslo, Helsinki and Stockholm in addition to Copenhagen.

With a group of 12 we were able to schedule several Excursions as Private Tours, so we should have a very educational and eventful trip.  Larry is looking forward to see how much Russian he still remembers from his Russian language classes from 55 years ago!  While on board the ship, the gals will likely be fulfilling their responsibilities as the Social Directors and the guys expect to focus on robust discussions related to farming, football, the economy and politics!!!

After the Cruise, Vicki and Larry will stay over in England to spend some time with Brooke and her husband Aaron, who live in Cambridge where Arron is stationed at an Air Force base.  Aaron’s parents are expected to join us for some while we are in England.

During the trip we would expect to have a lot of photo opportunities.  And, in anticipation of the this I have set up my SmugMug photo website so that the photo’s can be uploaded to be viewed and downloaded should you want prints.  The link to the website is as follows: If you go to the website you will notice that we have one photo in the Copenhagen gallery of Larry Coker contemplating the trip!!