This is Blog is about the San Antonio Lanie’s and their experiences and travels, including friends and family.  The following travel adventures are included in the Blogs”

  1. Italy Trip in the Summer of 2013
    1. With Bill & Ann Wisecarver
  2. European River Cruise in the Summer of 2015
    1. Travelers: 1)Randy & Kathy Lanie, 2) Johnny & Cathy Francis, 3)David & Ellen Buck.
  3. Baltic Cruise (Copenhagen, Oslo, Tallinn, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm)  In the Summer of 2017
    1. Travelers: 1) Randy & Cathy Lanie, 2) Johnny & Cathy Francis, 3) Jack & Debbie Crissup, 4) Larry & Dianna Coker, 5) David & Ellen Buck.
  4. England (London & Cambridge area), after Baltic Cruise
    1. Spending time with our daughter, Brooke, and her husband Arron Morino and Arron’s parents.  Arron is in the US Air Force and is stationed near Cambridge.

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