London -4/21 – 4/24

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We took the train from Cambridge to London on the 21st and checked into the Hilton for our last 3 nights of the trip. Brooke joined us for two nights before she had to return to work. While Brooke was with us we visited Abby Road, made famous by the Beatles and did our version of THE WALK!

During the two days with Brooke we became somewhat proficient on using “The Tube” transportation system, which came in handy during our last day in London without our tour guide (Brooke). Two highlights of our stay in London were our visit to the Tower of London and going to the theater to see the play Wicked. We embellished our last three days by our continued consumption of British food and drink!

On the morning of the 24th we left our hotel and arrived at Heathrow to begin our 9+ hour journey back home. Larry & Vicki flew to Houston and Randy & Kathy made the trip back to Wichita. In addition to our visit to some of the great cities of Europe we were in better physical shape as a result of Brooke’s walking leadership!!!

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