Vienna & Budapest

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We boarded a train on the 8th for the trip rot Vienna with our tour leader, Brooke! We checked into a very nice Marriott that was located in a central location in the city. We had purchased a Vienna Pass, so we spent the two full days seeing the various sights including palaces, museums and historical places. Included in our activities was a lot of consumption of the local food and beverages.

On the 11th we left Vienna on the train and headed to Budapest and Brooke caught a flight to London as she had to go back to work on Monday. The train was very old and their PA system did not work in the car we were on! As a result we got off the train at the first Budapest station, which was in the country, requiring a long/expensive cab ride!

Consistent with the previous cities we visited, Budapest was a beautiful city. While in Budapest we heard about the fire at Notre Dame, which we had visited the previous week in Paris-What a shame.

One of the lessons we learned in Budapest was to do some research on hop-on-hop-off bus/cart companies. We booked on a cart to see a Castle with a company that only had 2 carts and as a result wasted a lot of time waiting for the next cart. We had to redo the trip the next day to see the site!

On Sunday, April 14th, our Budapest visit concluded as we boarded a Plane for London.

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