London, Cambridge and Newmarket

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Our flight arrived at Heathrow early in the evening on the 17th. Brooke wanted to join us at the St. Pancras Renaissance hotel, but the would not add her to the reservation as it was not booked directly with Marriott.

Traffic from the airport to the hotel was very bad resulting in approximately 1 1/2 hours before we were able to check-in. By the time we checked-in, the hotel was 100% booked and the great Marriott staff had to upgrade both Lanie families to extremely nice rooms. Vicki and I were upgraded to THE ROYAL SUITE and Randy & Kathy were given a very upscale MINI SUITE. THE ROYAL SUITE normally cost $2,300/night!! Check out our SMugMug website for photos of the trip including the hotel rooms:

Brooke joined us after work on the afternoon of the 18th and we boarded another train for Cambridge and then a short car ride to her home in Newmarket. After a good night of sleep we are ready to visit Cambridge on the 19th and spend the weekend in Newmarket before heading to London on the 21st.

While in Newmarket we spent one day touring Cambridge and the highlight of the visit was High Tea at the rooftop restaurant/bar of the Varsity Club. We did not have time to experience “Punting” due to the massive holiday weekend crowds.

The last full day in Newmarket was spent in Bury St Edmonds, the town that Brooke & Aaron first called home when they were in England. The town has a large section of ruins that date to at least the 9th Century and its history includes critical support of the Magna Carta by the leaders (“Lords”) of the region.

On Easter Sunday we headed to London via train to spend until Wednesday before flying back to the U.S. We have dinner reservations at “Burger & Lobster”, a unique London establishment.

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