Houston & Wichita to London/Paris

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Our trip with Randy and Kathy is scheduled to begin from Houston for the San Antonio Lanie’s and Wichita for the Oklahoma Lanie’s.  The flight from Houston was on the 3rd of April and arrived in London on the 4th and the Wichita flight was one day later.

The San Antonio Lanie’s will stay in London on the evening of the 4th and will be joined by Brooke Lanie Moreno that evening and then with the Okie Lanie’s the next day.  We will board a train to London late afternoon on the 5th going under the English Channel to Paris!  Our schedule is to spend 3 nights in Paris, Prague, Vienna, Budapest and return to London on the 17th (Brooke will fly back to London from Vienna on the 13th).  We will then join Brooke and go to NewMarket where she lives and then venture to visit Cambridge before returning to London on the 21st for three nights.  We return to the U.S. on the 24th.

Subject to the availability of a decent internet connection we will update our travels as we can.



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