Strasburg – July 29, 2015

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The boat arrived at Kehl, which is the German gateway to Strasburg, which is located adjoining the Rhine on the German side. Half of our group took the early tour into Strasburg, which left at 9:30 and the others left at 10:30.
Strasburg is a city of over 250,000 population located in the ALSACE-LORAINE Region in France. Over 50,000 of the population are students at the University. This region has been part of both France and Germany on 4 separate occasions during the past 2 centuries. The city’s origin dates back to Roman times when it was part of the Holy Roman Empire. In fact, the entire Strasburg City Center was classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1988.
The highlight of the tour was the visit to the Cathedral Notre Dame de Strasbourg. Shopping was also quite good with many upscale stores operating in the city. While at the Cathedral Vicki lit a votive Candle for our sister Nancy and Randy, Kathy, Vicki and Larry said a short silent prayer for Nancy!

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