Day Trip to Lucerne from Basel, July 25, 2015

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The women on the trip decided for the group (the guys agreed) that we should go to Lucerne on Saturday as many stores were likely going to be closed on Sunday. After breakfast at the hotel, we got on an 11:04 train for the short 1:13 hour train trip to Lucerne. We had purchased a 5 day Eurail Select Pass that allowed us to go to Lucerne at no additional cost.
Upon arriving in Lucerne we took a cruise for 2.5 hours on Lake Lucerne, which had great views of the city and the Swiss Alps. The Eurail Pass allowed up to take the cruise for no additional cost.
After the cruise we walked around the Old Town area in Lucerne and the group did some shopping until the stores closed at approximately 4:30. We had dinner while in Lucerne and then caught a train back to Basel in the early evening.
The evening concluded with the group getting together for drinks and food at a hospitality room provided by the hotel. At midnight, after many stories and other great conversation as well at hamburgers from Burger King, we crashed and went to our rooms for the evening.

We all took a lot of photos while in Lucerne, so check the Photo site for them when I can update it:

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