Basel-Riding the Trams, Walking & The Theater!

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All of the group got up later today! Randy & Kathy left the hotel to find a church to attend Sunday services. Johnny & Kathy, Larry & Vicki made breakfast at the hotel and David & Ellen got up later. We found David at Starbucks next door and then Ellen joined us, so the six of us (excluding Randy & Kathy) ventured out to take a tour of Basel on the Tram, which did not cost us anything as our hotel provided City Passes.

Randy & Kathy caught up with us at a Mexican Restaurant and then joined us on the rest of a walking tour through Old Town Basel on the way to the Rhine River. The guys were elated to find that all of the shops were closed for Sunday!

We ended the day by going to the Theater to see “The Lion King”, which was performed in English. As usual, this event was arranged at the suggestion of the female members of the group! Yvonne, one of the desk clerks at the hotel, was a great help in getting the tickets to the Play. We found out she likes White Wine, so we must get her a bottle before we leave.

The uploading of photos continues to be problematic as the internet continues to be slow and the photos are very large and the volume of photos has been large. Larry took >150 photos yesterday during the trip to Lucerne. However, they have now uploaded with a smaller footprint.

We get on the River Boat tomorrow and stay the night on the boat in Basel. Somehow, the gals influenced this so they can go to the shops tomorrow.

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