Amsterdam/RiverCruise Trip

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This is the first Blog about our up coming trip to Amsterdam and a River Cruise from Basel to Amsterdam in late July, 2015. Trip participants include the San Antonio Lanie’s, Randy & Kathy Lanie, John & Kathy Francis and David and Ellen Buck. The trip begins on July 22 with flights from San Antonio and Wichita to Amsterdam by the Lanie & Francis couples where the parties will join the Bucks, who are living in Amsterdam.

Once in Amsterdam, the plan is to take a train to Basel on the 24th where we will spend three nights before boarding an AMS Waterways River Boat for a 7 day cruise to Amsterdam. We have purchased a 2 month Eurail Select Pass that provides train access to Switzerland, Germany, France and the Benelux Countries. So, during the three days in Basel we will plan additional train trips into Switzerland. An additional 3 nights will be spent in Amsterdam after the River Cruise during which we will also look for additional train travel to other cities. Our return flight back to the U.S. is on the 3rd of August..

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