Greve, Castellina in Chianti, Radda and Panzano in Chianti – Oct. 10, 2013

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The day started in mid morning with our focus toward seeing the small towns in Tuscany. The first stop was in Greve where we had an early lunch and planned our day. Then we drove to Montefioralle, which was a very small town approximately 1 KM from Greve — not much to see! The second stop was in Castellina in Chianti for a quick walk through the old section of this Tuscany village. Then we were on to Radda, which was advertised as an old medieval village somewhat off the main path. To this point in our day the highlights were the great photo opportunities with the Tuscan landscape. On the way to Panzano the girls found a winery with free wine tasting, so we had to make a stop for something free! The Tasting Room actually represented two vineyards, Livernano and Casalvento SS and the wine and Grappa was excellent. Our “free” wine tasting ended with our purchase of a case of their wines, which they will ship home to San Antonio.

After Radda and the wine tasting the next stop was in Panzano where we had dinner reservations at SOLO CICCIA, which was recommended by both our Villa owners and our Florence driver. We parked the car a long way away from the restaurant, but found it after about a 30 minute walk. Bill and Larry were designated to get the car to find a closer parking spot while Ann and Vicki volunteered to visit the shops in the area of the restaurant. Upon returning to the area of the restaurant the guys found their wives in the butcher shop across the street from the restaurant where they were drinking free wine and eating various meats and breads. Their host was Dario Cecchini, the owner of the butcher shop and the restaurant, who we came to learn was world famous for his serving of Tuscan style beef (see Dario owns two restaurants where he uses virtually all of the meat from the steer to serve family style. The evening at SOLO CICCIA concluded with Dario serving all of his patrons shots of Grappa at his butcher store. Bill was the designated driver to the Villa as he was a “light Grappa drinker”!

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