Florence, October 9, 2013

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After the late night (back to the Villa at 11:00) last night we started the day with the tour company picking us up at 9:00 to take us to Florence. As we were leaving the Villa the workers were hard at work harvesting the grapes from the vineyard.

We met our guide, a young gal from Pisa (Diletta Masi), at 10:00 and went on a 4 hour walking tour with her. Our tour included the Duomo, which is the 4th largest church in the world. In addition to the Duomo we toured the Galleria Degli Uffize and the Galleria Dell Accademia. Our guide was trained in the arts, spoke four languages and had a great command of art history. Included in the things we saw was the sculpture of David by Da Vinci, and additional works of Italian artists dating from the 11th century. Unlike the prior days we have limited photos as they were prohibited in most of the exhibits.

Our plans for the next two days involve visits to various small villages in Tuscany.

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