Pisa and Lucca, October 8, 2013

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Bill, Ann, Vicki and I struck out for Pisa today and visited Lucca, which was to the east of Pisa close to the mountains. On the way to Pisa we were able to once again snap some good photos of the Tuscan countryside. Our visit to Pisa focused entirely upon the Leaning Tower and the surrounding area, which included the Duomo and related buildings. The Duomo was not quite as fantastic as that of Siena, but it was still a marvelous building.

The town of Lucca was quite unique as it was a walled city, but it had an extensive shopping area and it’s own personality. It has a very old history and has not been involved in a war since the 1400’s

On the trip back we took the Auto Strada, a fast toll road to Florence and once again got lost trying to get back to our Villa. We stopped in Greve for dinner and ran into two couples with ties to Houston, Texas and West Monroe, La. They had mutual friends of Bill and Ann-really a small world! We made it to the Villa at 11:00 PM and did not get into bed until after midnight. Ready for the trip into Florence tomorrow!!!

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