Morning in San Casciano and The Villa at last!

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The morning started with church bells at 7:00 followed by breakfast at the Marie Hotel in San Casciano. After breakfast we took some time to take photos of the town (see below) and then began our trip to find the Villa.

Our map indicated that the ‘villa was less than 4 miles for where we spent the night, but we soon became concerned that we were not on the right route. So, we saw a woman getting into a car at what looked like a house and a business establishment. We stopped to ask directions and found that she and her husband owned the Villa and that we had arrived at the Reception building. After a short wine tasting followed by the purchase of some wine from their winery we followed her to the Villa. We considered ourselves lucky that we found her as we could never have found the Villa on our own.

The rest of the day was spent getting adjusted to the area, learning the roads and a lite lunch back in San Casciano (see the great dish above at the local restaurant).

Tomorrow will be spent going to Florence for a 4 hour walking tour or a drive to Sienna for the day.


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