Cabos – 9/20/2012

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Spent the day at the pool and simply focused our attention on Exotic Drinks and food. At the end of the day we went to the PB Rose and Los Cabos resorts, which are sister resorts to PB Sunset Beach, to check them out. Both of these Resorts are more in the center of the city; affording the opportunity to shop, which is an important activity on any trip! The first stop on the shopping was at the Los Cabos Fire Department Store, which had a selection of Los Cobos Fire Department shirts for sale. Loaded up on shirts and then headed toward the up-scale mall. The mall borders the marina, so we took advantage of the location to book a fishing trip for Sunday morning. Also found the cheapest beer on the marina at BIKERS, which is adjacent to the Harley Davidson store in the mall (Beer for $1!). After booking the fishing excursion we went back to the PB Resorts and had dinner at Cilantro's at the Los Cabos Resort. Excellent food, but Ellen had a bad reaction to the bisque soup on the bus ride back to Sunset Beach.


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