9/19/2012 – Cabos

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The second day in Cabos started with a sales presentation, which was a big mistake on our part and a waste of 3 hours of time that could have been spent at the pool. Vicki and Ellen did get a $300 credit for a spa treatment and David and Larry got two bottles of marginal tequela! The rest of the day was spent around the pool with a lot of exotic drinks (not much liquor in the mix) and food. The day was capped off by a nice dinner at the Bistro in the main resort building.

Our plans for Thursday include a visit to the PB Rose resort, which is located more in the center of Cabos and within walking distance to shopping.

After working with importing photos into this blog I have decided that it would be easier to simply upload them into SmugMug for viewing. So, simply go to http://ljl.smugmug.com and you will be able to see all the photos that we have taken during the trip


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